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pirkt pinata riga

About pinata

Types of Pinatas

Traditional Pinatas made mostly from cardboard, newspaper and paper mache paste, today's pinatas have bright tissue paper decorating the exterior while filled with candy and toy favors on the inside. A Pinata Buster, or bat, is used by a blindfolded contestant to break the pinata open exposing the candy to the crowd that's standing by in anticipation.

Pull String Pinatas

Pull-string pinatas and the pull-string pinata game came around as a safer game for the younger kids to enjoy. The pull-0string pinata has multiple string hanging down beneath the pinata, which to is suspended up high from a tree or pole. The object is to allow the kids to run all in at one time trying to pull the one string that is mounted to a trap door. Pulling the right string means opening the trap door and spilling out the candy filling that's inside.